Makeup4all Recommends: Dove Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion

Recently I received a lot of messages from people who were saying that during the time that we have now they were grateful for all the makeup and beauty things I have shared over the years. They also said how now, that they stay at home, they have time to enjoy beauty, and how it helps to take their minds off the situation. Knowing that it helps someone is very inspiring and makes me want to keep on going.

To be honest, I have read more beauty and style related  (I even re-organised my clothes) content in the  last several days than usual myself.  I just found it to be therapeutic almost.  This is why I will continue to write about beauty. At least for now.

And today I want to share about my latest discovery, an absolutely brilliant and affordable body lotion. I have used up a few body creams (here), and was excited to try something new.

More time at home – more time to read books

Dove were clearly listening to the customers, and named their product Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion. No one really wants to hear anti-aging any more, and rightly so.

So what is so special about this product? It contains  AHA, olive oil and vitamin B3  which does wonders for dry skin. I don’t think my skin was ever so smooth and soft; it is like this only when I am on a sea holiday. I am very impressed and can tell a huge difference.  Moreover, my husband also commented on it.

Since I have very dry skin, I do not find the lotion to be greasy or heavy at all.  The effect lasts for hours, unlike the effect after most creams when my skin is dry in  like an hour.

I also love the colour of the packaging, and the design, the curve on one side makes it easy to hold the tube without it slipping out of the hand.

Dove also promise  that it improves the appearance of dark spots  due to cell renewal. Luckily, I don’t really have any dark spots so can’t say anything about it.

The only thing that I have to mention is the scent, it is pretty strong. And, while I like it, not everyone will. 

This is a great product to get if you’ve always wanted to try AHA body products but did not want to spend a lot of  money.  The price for 400 ml is  £6.29 but it is very often on offer.  There is also a cream from this line. 

You can get it from BootsAmazon UK and  Superdrug.

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