Makeup4all Recommends: Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser

I have to admit that everything I’ve tried from Eve Lom was incredible (like this lip balm),  and this Gel Balm Cleanser was not an exception.

I’ve tried and loved the “original” cleanser from the brand, and decided to get a mini version of  this one for all the travelling over Christmas, as it would  be very convenient.

Spoiler: I was supposed to use it only while travelling but could not resist using it until it was gone.

First of all, I really love the clean, chic and minimal white and gold packaging.  You can tell straight away that it’s a high end product.

And, obviously, I really loved the formula. It feels like I am on a mission to try all balm cleansers, as I love massaging my face in the evening, it’s a relaxing an unwinding ritual.   Gel Balm Cleanser is perfect for those purposes.  A gel which turns into a milky balm.

I have very dry skin, and this cleanser did not leave it feeling tight, it was the opposite, in fact. My complexion was soft and smooth.  And even glowing.

While I lot of people like their skincare unscented, I  don’t. And I am, quite frankly, obsessed with this clove and eucalyptus aroma. It is like a spa-at-home kind of experience.  Pure bliss.  I swear this cleanser is not just good for your skin but also for your senses and  your mood. The fragrance, however, is strong, so maybe smell it before buying.

Eve Lom promise that it will remove even waterproof mascara but, as I’ve said many times, I don’t like using balms in my eyes so it’s always a separate make-up remover for me.

You can get yours from Cult Beauty, Space NK,  John Lewis. 30ml  for £15 (the one I had) or  100ml for  £45.

I am actually browsing Cult Beauty balm cleansers section now, and can’t believe that pretty much all the cleansers I had on my list are gone at the moment.


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