Makeup4all Recommends: Frank Body Coffee Scrub

Today I want to share about my latest  discovery which I love and recommend  – Frank Body, Australian brand, and their Cocoa Coffee body scrub in particular.

Before I talk about the product, I  just wanted to mention that the brand has gotten every little detail thought through.  A cool story about five friends who came up with this idea, quirky fun, and sometimes naughty, which always gets a thumbs up from me, descriptions and pretty design and colours [of the packaging].

In our time and age, when we mostly buy experience, this is crucial, and people behind Frank Body clearly understand that.

There are a few scrubs to choose from over at Cult Beauty (100g – £7.95; 200g – £13.95) Original, Coconut, Peppermint and Shimmer which all come in different colour packaging and with  different fun blurbs.  The one I have comes in a pretty lilac waterproof bag and has a chocolate cake reference. I’ve just transferred some scrub to a pretty pot I’ve had.

What about the scrub itself?

I am completely obsessed! Not only it smells absolutely insane-out-of-this-world, think freshly brewed morning coffee paired with a lush chocolate cake, it also is very effective.

How do I use it? Just apply to the wet skin, massage it and leave for about 2 minutes. Voila!

I honestly can’t think of a better way to start a day [a few times a week], not only it awakens your senses but also  leaves your skin very soft and smooth.  Exfoliated and nourished [skin], silky like a baby’s bum.  I also find that it is  moisturised enough because of the oils, and doesn’t need any cream on top. Yes, please!

I’ve tried a few coffee body scrubs, and love this one the most. Yes, you could make one yourself but I do not drink coffee, unless in a coffee shop, so don’t have a  coffee machine which would make it impossible. And what’s the point of buying coffee for the scrub when I could just buy  this? Plus, I am not a fan of DIYing when I can already get a “ready-to-be-used” product. That is not laziness, I just don’t want to be sourcing all the right oils and figuring out proportions when people already did it all for me.  And brilliantly, may I add. You can see the list of the ingredients above.  However, if you do want to experiment, a quick Google search shows that there are so many uses for grounds, for example  it can be used as a hand-scrub or for beer brewing

On top of it all, Frank Body is vegan and cruelty free.

By the way, long time readers know that I am a huge fan of  body Shimmer Oils and they do have an option, as well – Magic Shimmer Oil (£16.95 for 80ml) which is a good price for such kind of product.

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