Makeup4all Recommends: Omorovicza Omoressence

Long time readers will know that I am the biggest fan of Omorovicza, it is definitely one of my favourite brands.

And today I want to tell you about my personal hero product from them – Omoroessence.

You may think why on Earth would you need an extra step for £68? But hear me out.

The brand describe it as a product which is “halfway between a toner and a serum”, and I would agree. It is like that extra layer that instantly makes your skin feeling and looking plump and radiant. Even the driest skin feels soothed and soft, it is, quite frankly, a miracle in a bottle.

And what a bottle it is! A beautiful frosted glass.

Omoressence does not feel sticky or gloopy, it is the opposite, in fact.  Light but effective.

It also smells nice, which is always a bonus.

I’ve got my bottle after reading raves from other skincare lovers, and I am so happy I’ve bought it. It is truly one of my favourite products I have ever used. I see the benefits straight away, and, I’d like to believe, in the long term, as well.

You can buy Omorovicza from Cult Beauty and Nordstrom.

But, heads up, it is now also available from Tk Maxx for £26 only.

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