Makeup4all Recommends: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Regular readers know that I am a die hard hand cream fan, and always have a few to choose from. And today I want to share about the cult product in this category. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is loved by so many, and it is for a reason, this stuff does work.

I have very dry hands so I do not find it sticky or greasy at all, it just leaves my hands in top condition: moisturised and nourished.  It’s like an instant relief for the dry skin, you put it on, and your hands are  soft and smooth. Yes, just like that!  The second ingredient on the list is glycerin, and my skin loves it, not to mention all the oils.

It has a nice texture, as well, not too thick but not too thin either, and a nice herbal scent to it which is not intense in any way. I personally love it.

It is just brilliant for very dry skin, as the brand promises.  Hence I’ve got a big version for using around the house, and a mini for my handbag. And I honestly think this is a great product to get, especially now, when the weather is getting colder.

I personally think the price is great: 30 ml for £5 and 100 ml for £12, it is so much more affordable than the  other hand creams that I love. You can get it from Amazon.

I would love to try the foot cream from the range, as I haven’t tried it yet. I hope it is as good as the hand protector.

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