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Makeup4all Recommends: Weleda Skin Food

Apparently, the original Skin Food cream is  sold every 23 seconds. I am not surprised, to be honest.

This is a cult product, and rightly so. Used by makeup artists, celebrities and skin care lovers all over the World.

I have finished numerous  green tubes myself over the years, and here is why.

Skin Food by Weleda has been out since 1926, and the fact that, with all those non-stop new launches, it is still around says a lot.

It is a universal rich cream which instantly makes the dry and rough skin feel and look better. Think about that glossy healthy looking skin.  But don’t worry,  if glossy is not your thing – there is now also a light version available for combination/oily skin types.

While it can be used everywhere, I love using it on my face, especially in the colder months.  Skin Food is a brilliant name, as it literally nourishes the skin and you can forget about all the tightness and dry patches.  My complexion is soft and glowy afterwards. Say hello to the revitalised skin!

I personally never had blocked pores or breakouts after using this product. But, as I said, there is also a Light version available.

There are so many ways to use this cream: as a face cream/mask, primer before makeup, on your hands, feet, elbows etc.

While Weleda launched their Skin Food Body Butter not that long time ago, I still prefer the original formula. I’d say that the cream has a more emollient texture and the herbal scent (which I really love) is a bit stronger.

But the Body Butter was a nice addition to my routine this winter, I must say.  And it makes sense re formula, it absorbs quicker and you don’t have to wait for ages to put your clothes on.

The price is  £8.25 for 30 ml and £12.50 for 75ml and you can get it from Cult Beauty, Boots  and other retailers. The Body Butter retails for about £13-£19, depending on where you get it from.

By the way, this type of bright green is the hottest colour of the season, so maybe it’s time go give Weleda’s Skin Food a go, if you haven’t already.

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