Makeup4all Turns 5 Beauty GIVEAWAY!

Today Makeup4all turns 5,

so it is a great  reason to celebrate. So, as a thank you, I am giving away 5 beauty products that I personally really love (details about all the products included).

Makeup4all 5 years beauty giveaway YSL Rouge Bunny Rouge Elemis Rimmel Bourjois

How to Enter:

I would really love to improve Makeup4all this year, in fact, I should start working on the new design soon. And, of course, I’d love to improve the content!

So in the comments section below leave me a comment saying what kind of posts you enjoy the most/find most useful and why? And also what kind of posts you’d like to see in the future, and also explain.

I will pick the winner myself, not randomly, based on how helpful (in my opinion) the comment was, so please consider that when you are  answering.  Also please make sure that you use a valid  e-mail, so that I can contact you, if you’re the lucky winner.

Moreover, you can  win some additional prizes (and I promise something nice) by:

Liking my Facebook page

Following on Twitter


and Instagram

If you do like/follow me on any of the mentioned accounts, leave your user name, as well, so that I can add the prizes, in case you win.

The giveaway is open Internationally, until the 24th of February.

Update – the giveaway is now open till the 1st of March.

The prize:

1.  Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in 12.

Somehow the post about the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick was the most popular in 2013, so I had to include a beautiful orange shade in this giveaway.

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge trio eye shadow keeper and three refills. Thank you, dear RBR, for providing this amazing prize.

3.  YSL Touche Eclat in shade 6. One of my personal favourites. A lot of people say that they most shades are too light, so I have included a darker shade. If it is too dark for you, you can use it for contouring, as Lloyd Simmonds suggests.

4.  You can never have too many black eye pencils, so I’ve included one of my favourite affordable eye pencils –Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil in 75 Intense Black

5. Also, an amazing bath product from Elemis in a mini size, it is just perfect  for relaxing after a hard day.


9 thoughts on “Makeup4all Turns 5 Beauty GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I love reading beauty product reviews because I am not one to buy a product before doing extensive research on it!
    I follow you on Twitter and Instagram: @nikkiimar and Pinterest: nikkmar

  2. Hi and thanks for doing this giveaway.
    I have to say that the blog posts I enjoy the most are your beauty inspiration ones and the review posts where you show a collection of products rather than focusing on one product. I love seeing what you are inspired by and it says a lot about your personal style. Reviewing a collection of products in different shades/brands is more convenient and I feel gives me more choice when I go out to buy.
    I love your sense of style and appreciation of high-end products, but in the future it would be interesting to see a post about dupes for some of your favourite products.
    My Facebook: Hiruni Wal
    My twitter @Hiruni4
    My Instagram: HW_213
    I added you on all of these 🙂

  3. I like to read any reviews especially beauty products and also makeup tips from reading reviews I’m not wasting money by buying products that not suitable for me to use..and also im getting infi before buying it..
    Fb: Donna Martin
    Twitter: @claredmj
    Pinterest: Clare Martin (
    Instagram: claredmj

  4. My favourite posts feature clear pictures and swatches of products in different light settings – while reviews are useful, I think cosmetics are very subjective and good photos are worth a thousand words. 🙂

  5. I find make up reviews with swatches and descriptions most useful, as it helps me to understand new products and in particular choose shades for online purchase. In future I’d love it if you could include how the product looks in a face/eye look more often, as this also helps in deciding whether something might work for me, and I’d like to see how you are inspired to use products. x

  6. Hi Marina,

    Happy 5th birthday. Makeup4All, again!
    You know I had to take part in this one :).

    So, I’ll get straight to business. There are a few major areas or topics I’m looking for in any beauty blog as a visitor/user/reader (whatever you want to call me), so you could say that they would automatically be the areas in which I’m most interested and always look for improvement by default:
    – product or product line reviews and SWATCHES, I cannot stress the swatches enough, because it is easy to find a review but a picture is worth a thousand words and there’s nothing more important than swatches as part of a review
    – dupes and comparisons, we all want to save our pennies if there’s a drugstore good quality dupe for a high-end makeup hit product
    – how to’s, looks of the day and inspiration types of posts with PICTURES
    – tips and tricks, techniques, skincare advice and other advice type posts
    – interviews with professionals (i.e. expertise advice from MUAs etc.)
    – any other style/fashion/lifestyle/random inspirational posts that are actually informative in some way and INSPIRATIONAL, and not just some type of “oh I did this today and went there today and bla-bla-bla” type of posts, but smth more substantial and thoughtful

    Now on to what can be improved:
    – overall more pictures, as I said 1 picture is worth a thousand words, there’s nothing more to comment on this
    – specifically more swatches, it is great to see a picture of a new collection, but a swatch of those products would tell so much more, especially considering that products can be very different on a swatch that in a pan, and different depending on the lighting and skintone, and I do really appreciate a swatch on a light-fair skintone like mine 😉
    – more pics of your looks, and not just a selection of products you used, we need to see it in person, so you have to show your beautiful face from time to time
    – since you’re a certified MUA, let us see more pictures of the makeup looks you did on other people, it’s so exciting and tells so much
    – information on where to get the products and the price, maybe even links, because often times you wouldn’t include it (sometimes you would but not all the time) and we want to know where to get this super cool lipstick or whatever
    – more posts about some cool dupes for high-end makeup
    – more tips and tricks type of posts

    Overall, I think you’re doing great. Really. I always check out your blog.

    Oh, and you know my FB :).

  7. Hey dear! Well, I love read bb creams reviews bcoz I love bb creams, they do miracle in my skin and really like see reviews of any product of asian brands like Etude House and Shiseido!

    I followed you in:

    FB: Thais Magalhães
    Twitter: @thaat
    pinterest: Thais Magalhães

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I love to see more eyeshadow tutorials because i’m an amateur in using eye colors so I’d like to see more inspirations! I enjoyed reading comparison posts because they’re useful to help me decide whether I need that new product or not, esp. I’m on a low-buy at the moment, can’t be buying something new on an impulsive whim!

    following you on Twitter @jennlovesbeauty

  9. Hi Marina
    Happy 5th Birthday!
    I’ve been reading you blog for a while.
    I really enjoy reading about new launches and swatches of new products. It is mostly make-up that interests me, although I like bodycare too and love a relaxing bath soak. Skincare product reviews I don’t find quite as interesting, mainly as what suits one person doesn’t suit everyone and after many years, I am finally almost happy with my skincare regime.

    As an aside, I love how you have the brands organised along the top menu bar so it is easy to find what you are after and like that you focus on a lot of high end brands- Clarins, Dior etc as I tend to prefer to buy a few of these products rather than buying lots of cheaper brands.

    I’d love to read more posts about the beauty industry or comment pieces as I find these really interesting, a bit different, and often stimulate discussion.Perhaps a semi-regular feature? Or some posts about bloging, although I appreciate not everyone who reads blogs is a blogger.

    Design wise – like your clean simple design a lot but I do find the grey sidebars a little distracting along with the advert along the top but appreciate advertising is necessary.

    I would say I’m not as interested in tutorials as I tend to have a tried and tested way of applying my make up and don’t tend to venture away from it often.

    Hope this helps

    Victoria x

    Facebook – Victoria N
    twitter – @pink_lady123

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