Malin + Goetz Essential Kit Review and Photos

I have got this Malin + Goetz set at Zuneta for £20 as  for myself as a Christmas gift. But it looks like that the kit is no longer available. But I am still going to let you know my impression as you can always get each product on its own.

I just love getting different kits with mini products as it’s a great way to try the brand without braking the bank.

So what do you get?

  • Grapefruit Face Cleanser (full size 236 ml – £ 25)
  • Vitamin E Face Moisturiser (full size 118 ml – £ 36)
  • Vitamin B5 Body Moisturiser (full size 236 ml – £28)
  • Bergamot Body Wash (full size 236 ml – £ 15.50)
  • Cilantro Hair Conditioner (full size 236 ml – £16.50)
  • Peppermint Shampoo (full size 236 ml – £ 16)

First of all I have to say that I absolutely love the design, I think it’s brilliant. And this kit was very useful when I was travelling.

Hair Products

I absolutely loved the shampoo and I would probably re-purchase it although I find that it is very expensive (236 ml – £ 16  and 473 ml for £ 30). I adore the fresh mint scent and it reminds me of mint sweets that I love. I find that it is very refreshing for summer and this shampoo is just a pleasure to use.

As for the hair conditioner – I really dislike cilantro which  is also known as coriander so I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed using this conditioner as it has a strong scent of coriander. I’d rather put a conditioner with other scent, really.

Face Products

The face wash is really great, it has a nice scent of grapefruit and it cleanses the skin really well, without drying it out. I would actually buy the full sized bottle.

Unfortunately the face cream did not work that well for my very dry skin;  but this is very individual as you know, so it may be a perfect one for you.

Body Products

Bergamot shower gel was a delight to use, I enjoyed the energizing scent of it and how clean my skin felt afterwards.

But as for the body cream, I did not like the way it smelled although it was pretty good at moisturizing. Plus I don’t think that 29ml of body cream is such a good idea, I wish they’d include their Peppermint Body Scrub which sounds amazing.


In general I was definitely pleased with my Malin + Goetz experience and, although this is a pretty pricey brand, I would love to try more products in the future. There are some on my wish list already.

Don’t forget that you can also watch videos at zuneta both about the brand and people behind it and about the  specific products.

And do you have a favourite Malin + Goetz product?

4 thoughts on “Malin + Goetz Essential Kit Review and Photos”

  1. Never heard of this brand before, so thanks for the introduction! I don’t like cilantro either, so I definitely wouldn’t want my hair to smell like that. The shampoo sounds very yummy though!

    I like to buy mini sets too, especially when it’s a brand that I want to try a lot of different things for. Then I can decide what I really like, and what doesn’t work out so well for me.

  2. Thanks for the review! We still make the essential kit, it’s a top seller of ours and great for travel. Perhaps Zuneta was out of stock? Glad to hear you enjoyed many of the products. Cheers to clear, healthy skin!


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