Mane ‘n Tail Original Shampoo Review.Shampoo For Horses Anyone?

If you read the blog for some time now you may remember this post about the hair care products. And you may remember my attitude towards the  mayonnaise on hair, shampoo for horses and other things like that. I know that it works for a lot of people but I had no desire at all to try anything like that.

But when I got a travel version (60ml) of Mane ‘n Tail shampoo with my last zuneta order I gave up and decided to try the shampoo that was originally designed for horses but was reformulated for humans use.

This is what is written about it: “an exclusive original formula that contains high lathering cleansing agents fortified with moisturisers and emollients. The micro-enriched protein formula provides “down to the skin” cleansing action and conditioning, leaving the hair soft and shiny.”

So anyway, here is my impression.

This shampoo smells really nice and it is kind of thick so I’d advise mixing it with water and washing the hair through very well. I have to admit that it gives a great effect  – the hair gets thicker, shinier and really volumized.

I would never buy this shampoo for myself but as got it and tried it I can say that it’s really nice despite all my prejudice. It is not even prejudice, but I like my “beauty products” to be luxurious and special, not those that are also used on horses even if they work. Maybe that sounds  snobby but that’s the way I like it.

But you know, I guess I would get something else from the range to try (Don’t forget that these are reformulated)! Although I really wish they changed the design as I can’t say that I enjoy the horses on my shampoo. But I believe this is impossible as it is what makes this shampoo unique in a certain way.

The travel size is £2.50  for 60ml and original is  £7 for 355ml.

And would you try anything from the range? Would you use products that work but  are out of your comfort zone?

10 thoughts on “Mane ‘n Tail Original Shampoo Review.Shampoo For Horses Anyone?”

  1. I got a sample a few weeks ago with a Zuneta order, too and didn’t know about it, so I was intrigued but put it aside. Now that I see a few reviews about it, I’m going to give it a try. Yes, I’m a coward like that, I wait for others to take the risks first 🙂

  2. I don’t like the idea either, and I don’t think you sound snobby. I don’t need my shampoo to look fantastic, but I like a somewhat sleek bottle, like Redken or Paul Mitchell.

    1. It’s just a pleasure of getting yourself something posh and luxurious, right? Even if it’s just a shampoo. I often reward myself with beauty products so I want them to be nice “inside and outside”. But you know, I liked this shampoo to tell the truth, it’s great.

  3. So.. after careful consideration and thousands of persuasive reviews online raving about Mane N Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, and brought the idea up to my mother. She told me she’d heard of it, and that it hadn’t worked well on her hair her, but it worked wonders on her friends. When she told me her friend’s hair was natural and it worked amazing, it was the force that pushed me over the edge and convinced me “This could really be it.. this could be the shampoo that gets my hair back to what it needs to be!! Healthy, Thick, Soft, and Longer!!”. When we arrived at Walmart, I must admit I was a little embarassed when we arrived at the cash register because of the obvious horses on the front, but I would soon be glad at the results. Before I tell you about the results, I well provide you with my hair type and ethnicity, because as much as everyone hates to admit race matters, it does. I have ethnic hair; to be exact african american hair. It WAS to the beginning of my neck, right at my ‘kitchen’. I recently had permed hair months ago (about 5-6) and I made the ultimate decision to grow it out. When I washed my hair, I used a small-small/medium amount in my hands, and started at the root and fingered my hair to the tip. I did this until I felt my hair was completely lathered, washed it, and followed up with the Condition (Mane N Tail Mosturizer and Texturizer) with it. When I applied the Conditioner, since it appeared thicker, I used an amount the size of something a little bigger than a quarter. I did the same thing with the Conditioner as I did with the Shampoo. The time it took for me to apply the Shampoo was 2-3 minutes, and with the conditioner 1-2 minutes (but as it states on the back of the bottles; ‘time may vary depending on length of hair’). After that, I applied some IC Heat Protectant (which everyone who uses any heating products should use.. it doesn’t have to be just that brand), and sectioned my hair off into 4 parts. I blow dryed them in the fashion a Dominican Hair Stylist would, since I wanted that ‘blow-out’ look. After, I followed up with a Conair Infiniti Flat Iron (which works great!! It makes your hair feel softer than before!.. And if anyone wanted to buy it they sell it at any Beauty Supply store.. the color of mines is teal but colors may vary), and I had to get right there at the scalp so I could tame my thick. kinky. and HUGE hair. I have to say, after the first piece of hair I straightened, I already knew it would transform my hair for the better COMPLETELY. The end result: Beautiful shiny, soft hair that didn’t just fell down in a clump! It moved when I moved, and bounced when I bounced, and it shook when I shook! I give this a 5/5, because up until now, I have yet to find a Shampoo/Conditioner set that treats my hair like it should be treated. I would reccommend anyone buy this product, but I will say this: If you have thin hair or permed hair, it probably won’t work as well for you. This isn’t a guarantee, but if it got my thick roots thin, I can only imagine what it would do the fine, thin hair!! It works good if you have hard to manage hair, because at it says on the front of the Shampoo bottle. it makes your hair shiny and managable!! (or was it the conditioner bottle??) Anyway, this is now going to be my go-to Shampoo! And don’t be freaked out that they use it on horses… why do you think people where horse hair for extenstions?? Because it’s beautiful!! (and PROBABLY because they use Mane N Tail on it). I believe this is a Shampoo the market does not want you to see, because that would mean less sales for things like Pantene, and Garnier, and other main-line products that most likely do nothing but damage your hair. But just be open-minded!! It’ll probably have some good benefits along with it!! I hope my review helped!! Happy Shampooing!!

  4. I am using this shampoo and even though i was a little skeptical to try it in the first place due to the horse in the front, i was convinced by my mom that it lengthens your hair. i’ve used it for 3 months and it has done wonders to my hair. my hair is stronger and longer by about 5 inches. i also have split ends, so i definitely recommend this

  5. Laura Wolfhart

    I can say that liked it but it’s not excellent. I changed over to the very recommended Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which deeply conditions, smoothes and stimulates hair growth. My clients (I’m a hairstylist) are also using it and have already noticed a significant growth spurt and less hair loss. As for my own hair, I’ve also noticed that it’s stronger, shinier and a lot less frizzy. As the Pro Naturals also serves as a heat protectant, I’m especially happy with it as I blow dry my hair regularly.

  6. My cousin and her bestfriend have beautiful long wavy strong and shiny hair that is down to their waist. Everyone admires their hair, because its hard to grow your hair while maintaining a thickness and bounce. They revealed their secret which is using the mane n tail shampoo. I started using the shampoo and I suggest to use a different conditioner that isn’t made by mane n tail. For some reason when you use the products together they don’t work well. Its already making a huge difference in my hair its much healthier looking and stronger and its growing double as quick as normally.

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