Marc Jacobs Makeup Collection for Fall 2014

Marc JacobsĀ  brings out some brand new products this season, and they look pretty awesome and cool! I love the modern and innovative design, so chic and stylish. It is nice to see something different. Marc has a lot of beautiful images on his website, so I would definitely recommend you to take a look…

Marc Jacobs Makeup Collection for Fall 2014 promoAll products are actually already available, here is a preview.

Kiss Pop, Lip Color Stick, $28 from Sephora.

The shades are: Pow 600 – peony pink, Heartbreaker 602 – pink coral, Wham 604 – coral rose, Pop Arazzi 606 – electric rose, Crush 610 – tangerine red , Pop Rock 614 – strawberry red, Pop 612 – bright berry red, Headliner 608 – berry sangria and Smack 616 – burgundy berry.

Twinkle Pop, Eye Stick, $28 from Sephora.

The shades are: Volver 402 – peach champagne shimmer, Honey Bunny 400 – ballet pink shimmer, Leila 416 – rose copper shimmer, On The Verge 412 – iced grape shimmer, Shoshanna 414 – teal mermaid shimmer, Stardust 410 – charcoal iridescent shimmer, Frannie 408 – snow iridescent shimmer, Au Revoir 406 – pewter shimmer and Three Shakes 404 – milk chocolate shimmer

Marc Jacobs Makeup Collection for Fall 2014 products

O!Mega Lash, Volumizing Mascara inĀ  Blacquer 30, $26 from Sephora.

It is promised that the formula incorporates a “special blend of soft waxes and essential oils to coat lashes in dramatic volume, as well as vitamins B5 and C to enrich and condition lashes while holding them in place for ultralong wear.”

Smart Wand, Tinted Face Stick, $42 from Sephora.

Smart Wandis described as “a lightweight tinted moisturizer stickn that glides on smoothly and effortlessly, thanks to the savvy design and ingenious roll-up dial, making it easy to take with you for application on the go.”

There are are four shades to choose from: Light 210, Light/Medium 220, Medium 230 and Medium/Deep 240.



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