Marvis Whitening Toothpaste Review. Rave

Today’s review is a little bit  different, it’s about a toothpaste. I’ve heard so many amazing reviews about Italian brand Marvis, and had it on my wish list for years, literally. I’ve finally bought a tube back in February from the USA, and it was $13.50 for 75 ml

I guess one of the reasons why this toothpaste has so many fans is because Marvis have some original flavours like jasmine, ginger and cinnamon. So if you are not a fan of mint – you could try those.

I  personally love only mint toothpastes, in fact, the stronger – the better, the same goes for my chewing gum. I also like using whitening products from time to tome, which is why I’ve chosen Marvis Whitening Toothpaste.

Marvis Whitening Toothpaste ReviewAnd, it really works! I have noticed that my teeth look whiter, and feel cleaner in general! It is definitely the best toothpaste I have used in years, and I am always on a hunt for new ones and constantly try  different variants. The only one which I loved the same was from Japan, but, unfortunately, I don’t remember the name.

Marvis Whitening Toothpaste Review Rave ingredients

As for the taste, I personally really like it, it is fresh mint, not too strong, so a lot of people should be fine with it. Plus I like that you don’t need that much of a product, so it should last a long time.

I have been using my tube for about a month, and I definitely plan to re-purchase, and maybe try something new from them.

So, if you like me, want whiter teeth but are not ready for the professional whitening, for some reasons, you can give this one a go. Of course, don’t expect that you will have the “Hollywood like smile”, but your teeth should get several shades lighter. I am personally happy with the results.

From Selfridges, Net a Porter, Sephora.

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