Matrix Oil Wonders Rose Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair Review

If it is a rose scented beauty product – I have to have it!  So when I’ve found out about  the Matrix Oil Wonders Rose Volume range, I have ordered a shampoo straight away.

And it is brilliant! It  does smell of roses, and it is a nice rose scent, in my opinion, as not all of them are. It leathers up nicely and leaves the hair shiny, glossy and smooth. I really loved it in winter, as I did not even have to use conditioner or masks. However, it is a bit rich for me during the summer time so I had to give it away to a friend with dry hair type who loves it.

As  the for volume claims, I use hair sprays, and don’t really count on shampoos for volume, but my hair did not look flat for sure.

Basically, if you love rose scented beauty products and want a shampoo that will leave your hair shiny – try this one. And I have just bought myself with a lavender scent – my other favourite.

Matrix Oil Wonders Rose Volume Shampoo is available from Amazon, Look Fantastic, and Amazon UK.


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