Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara: Review & Photos

“New Max Factor Lash Extension Effect (14 EUR) transforms your lashes into a dramatic fan of length. If you loved False Lash Effect for dramatic volume, you will love Lash Extension Effect for dramatic length.”

I’ve been using this mascara for a long time already and now I can share my opinion with you.

What I loved about this mascara a lot –  is the design. Really, it’s the best design of mascara that I’ve seen in a long time. By the way, this is not only my opinion.

At first  I did not like the brush which is very long (especially it was hard to  to use it after my favourite DiorShow Unlimited). But you should give each mascara at least 2 weeks to make your opinion about it, I personally don’t remember any that I’ve liked from the very beginning.

So how is this mascara in action?

It is perfect for a natural looking lashes. It gives you good length plus there are no clumps and it looks perfect on the lashes during the whole day(at least I didn’t have any issues). But it doesn’t give you am extreme volume (but this is not a volumizing mascara after all). For this you should use Lash Extension Effect by Max Factor which I plan to review soon. I  also want to use them together and I am sure that this will give an amazing result!

The conclusion?

I think that it’s a nice mascara and you should try this it  if you want to add length to your lashes and are looking for a mascara which is perfect for a  for a daytime.  Lash Extension Effect mascara will not make your lashes look too dramatic.

This mascara is available in:

  1. Black
  2. Black/Brown
  3. Waterproof Black

Have you tried it? What do you think? What is your favourite mascara by Max Factor?

By the way , you can also check out my review about 2000 Calories mascara by Max Factor

5 thoughts on “Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara: Review & Photos”

  1. OMG I LOVED IT. i have medium eyelashes and theyr really thin, and so im totally obsessed with mascaras. I used this and it was amazing!! it really gives the length and the brush gets all the eyelashes, as well as combing the mascara through really well and making my eyelashes fan out. ITS FRIGGIN AMAZING. buy it. NOW. haha

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