Men and Red Lipstick. Do They Even Like It?

Like it or not, but Valentine’s Day is almost here and it seems that almost every girl I know is obsessed with finding a nice red lipsticks. I can’t even tell you how many times during the last several weeks I’ve been asked about the best red lipstick, and how to wear it…

Plus so many brands have  realised  mini collections with red lipsticks and nail polishes. It seems that red is everywhere. Have you seen this cover of Vogue UK for March?I love red but I wish they used the other colour for the background as it is a bit too red even for me…

My friends are obsessing about the red lipstick because they actually want their husbands/boyfriends to like it. But do men like red lips? I was really curious to find it out so was asking everyone I could  and asked you on Twitter and Facebook to help me out. So here are some of the responses that I’ve got:

Answers from my friends (designer and 4 musicians if you are interested). I got many, many more but they are basically the same as these.

  • I don’t care about this at all, but one thing is clear for me. I hate red expressive lipsticks, less is better!! :)I don’t know anyone who likes it either:). This myth is officially busted.About the Vogue cover above: “It’s too much for me, also they overdid it with Photoshop…”
  • I like it! But I think it’s different for everybody. And maybe for me it’s just because of associations. “My girls” don’t use it often.
  • I like it sometimes but it really depends on the woman, her character and the occasion.
  • I like the colour red but it doesn’t look nice on everyone and doesn’t go with everything.
  • Mostly no, but it depends on the woman.

Artdeco Cosmetics Valentines Day red lipstick and nail polish

Some of your answers:

  • Expressive lips are a no go, all men around me love natural ones, but better is a light pale gloss or balm – no make-up make-up; but anyway I love intense colours and wear them of course 🙂
  • My brother started giggling and said: “I love women with red lipstick…weird!” Anways my friend says it looks hot and my dad says as long as mum has it on its good!
  • My boyfriend hates (!) red lipstick on me. That’s a pity ’cause I love it with bold brows and a winged out eye liner
  • Well, for me, it’s absolutely no! As far as I know, they prefer a natural lip color where I live. It seems too, that the older I get, a more natural color looks better. But, I love red lipstick. I doubt though I will own any at least for know. The darkest color I have is the Nakkar Chanel gloss from their spring collection.
  • I asked around for you and got a few replies for you: “On an Asian, yes.” ” I personally like red lipstick on a woman”,” Not particularly, to be honest”,”natural looking lips with gloss, red is just messy”.
  • Both my boyfriend and my dad dislike red lips!
  • I know that my husband doesn’t like lipsticks at all. This is why I wear read lipstick when he is not around ))
  • My husband said he doesn’t like it either. But I don’t care, I like it. He doesn’t like makeup period. He prefers “au naturelle” .

I personally love and wear red lipstick, from time to time, but not often as I want it to be something special.

My point is:  if you want red lips – go for it, just be confident about it and make sure that you apply it in a nice way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this  post this as much as I did and I’d love to hear your opinion on the topic.

11 thoughts on “Men and Red Lipstick. Do They Even Like It?”

  1. I love the look of red lips on the right woman… on some it just looks awful. But Id never wear it myself. Because a) I cant stand the feel of lipstick on my lips and b) my lips are quite naturally very red. Plus my boyfriend would hate it.

  2. Nice post! Nice to read different opinions. Sorry I didn’t answer on twitter, it’s acting weird lately, doesn’t load. My boyfriend doesn’t like lip-thingies generally but he doesn’t have a choice, too! 🙂

  3. I think most will agree that red lips are sultry – if done right!!!
    But, from my little survey, some men find them off-putting.. in the sense that they’d be too..messy to kiss and that it probably means that the lady is more on the high-maintenance side…!!!
    (Not that that’s gonna stop me from wearing a red lip if I feel like it, hehe)! 😉


  4. “My point is: if you want red lips – go for it, just be confident about it and make sure that you apply it in a nice way!”
    I love that!

    I think that women, in general, are always taught to think about how men want us to look. For example, all the sexy images in ads and all the magazines that say ‘Ten hair styles he will love’. I think it’s great if you wanna look good for that special someone, but don’t give up things that make you happy. And don’t be afraid to take a risk, especially when it comes to beauty, because you’re afraid a guy won’t approve.

    I personally love bold lips. I have never gotten any negative comments from men when I wear it, only really good ones! So they either like it on me, or know better than to say something! :p

  5. I do remember my boyfriend complementing me once on a red lipgloss I was wearing and he very much liked the colour on me. He’s rather helpful in pointing out make-up that seems to work well for me that looks sultry rather than garish (he raises eyebrows but politely says nothing around bright turquoise eyeliner which I wear anyway ^^)

  6. There is a shade of red for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding your shade & finish. Personally, I love to wear a red lip, a la Nars ! All my ex boyfriends loved it too.

  7. i really love red lips. The secret is finding YOUR RED!
    if you wear a read that doesn’t match with your skin it just look awful.
    I don’t really care if men love it or not (Although many compliments i have received are from men who like my lips on red, but BELIEVE ME, i don’t really care if they agree with them or not)
    MAC has very good reds and the best thing is that they’re matte, lasts forever.
    You have to know how to wear it, not for shy girls. wear red with a great attitude. And
    don’t get obsess with what people think about you, you like it? … go for it.

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