Mitzah Bricard Inspired Makeup Collection from Dior. For The Leopard Print Lovers

If you are a fan of leopard print you are going to LOVE this limited collection from Dior which will be out in late March- early April.

Just like the palette Tailleur Bar palette this one will be a very limited edition, collector’s item I would say.

This collection is inspired by the Mitzah Bricard and her love for the leopard print.

There will be  3 products

A leopard Compact which will retail for €90 ( I am so lucky that I don’t like leopard print)

and 2 nail polishes 912 Ebony and 622 Camel

I actually like the dark nail polish. So…are you a fen of the leopard print? Are you lusting after this palette? Or are you, like myself, don’t like leopard prints?

photos of Dior products


  1. That Leopard Print compact is fab! But i just wouldn’t want to use it and mess it up! Hehe, yeah you’re lucky if you won’t be tempted by it – pricey much, for something a brursh will ruin 🙂

    Jo xoxo


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