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Mitzah Bricard Inspired Makeup Collection from Dior. For The Leopard Print Lovers

If you are a fan of leopard print you are going to LOVE this limited collection from Dior which will be out in late March- early April.

Just like the palette Tailleur Bar palette this one will be a very limited edition, collector’s item I would say.

This collection is inspired by the Mitzah Bricard and her love for the leopard print.

There will be  3 products

A leopard Compact which will retail for €90 ( I am so lucky that I don’t like leopard print)

and 2 nail polishes 912 Ebony and 622 Camel

I actually like the dark nail polish. So…are you a fen of the leopard print? Are you lusting after this palette? Or are you, like myself, don’t like leopard prints?

photos of Dior products

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