Model Mirror with a Built-in Light, Anyone?

I like the idea of the mirror with the built-in light. It can be very useful in so many life situations, right?

I wouldn’t mind getting one of the Les Tai Tai mirrors called the Model Mirror. The price is from £15 ( a plain black) to £22 at Selfridges.

My personal favourite is this one called Hippy Skull.

These are also available in pink, turquoise, leopard and Union Jack.

By the way, if you want to see my favourite mirrors – click here.

6 thoughts on “Model Mirror with a Built-in Light, Anyone?”

  1. Anne Marie McCarn

    you can get the exact same ones on ebay from hong kong and no doubt they are buying them there themselves and putting the logos and charging double the price only £5 including shipping, dont be robbed.

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