Moroccanoil Body Care Products

I am personally a huge fan of Moroccanoil hair treatments, so  am pretty excited about the brand’s range for body. I love the  chic and elegant design and the carefully selected items that they included.I haven’t tried anything but have high expectations for these beautifully looking tubes and jars.

Everything is actually already available in the USA (lucky them), so let’s take a look:

Moroccanoil Body Care Products promo

Dry Body Oil ($38), Shimmering Body Oil ($45),  Intense Hydrating Treatment($27), Cleansing Bar ($10) and Shower Gel ($26)

Moroccanoil Body Care Products promo 1

Body Souffle($52), Body Butter ($52), Body Buff ($42) and Hand Cream ($28)

There is also a candle for $52.

These definitely look (and are priced) as luxury products, don’t you agree?

I think I like  (would love to try) everything, especially the Intense Hydrating Treatment which is described as “highly concentrated treatment melts into a soothing oil as you massage it in. Infused with antioxidant argan oil and naturally replenishing botanical extracts, it transforms even the driest skin. ” Sounds like something my skin will need in Winter.

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