Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment Review and Photos

I was curious to try Moroccanoil for some time so was happy to get it as a sample with my order several months ago.

The small version which is  25 ml retails for £12.85 which means that 10 ml retails for £5.14. Although I’ve got only 10ml I’ve been using it for a long time already and still have more than a half left. It is because you literally need just a drop, unless your hair is really long of course.

I rub the product between my palms and apply in to washed and still wet hair, 90% of the time I let my hair dry naturally.

I haven’t tried the original version but I am really loving this light one as it doesn’t leave my hair greasy at all. It is just very soft and shiny and that’s all with one drop!

I also love how it smells, although I know that some people would not agree.

It is said that Moroccanoil Light helps to ‘fortify hair, improve elasticity, moisture strands, and shield against harmful environmental elements.’   Since I don’t use Moroccanoil regularly and also use other products (like Kerastase Fluide Chrome Riche) I can’t comment on this statement but I’d like to believe this is true. You’ve got to be an optimist, no?

You can see the ingredients and all the details about the product above.

As I use Moroccanoil mainly to make my hair shiny, I absolutely love it and will definitely purchase the small (great for travelling) bottle or Light version when I finish this one.

But if you don’t like silicones or need a product to repair your hair, you should probably get something else.


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