My Birthday Wish List

I am not someone who is obsessed with [my] Birthday, and tell everyone about it. But since friends and family keep asking me what I want, it made sense to make a list, and share some of the things with you, too. I have chosen to post the items that may be of interest to you.  Maybe it will inspire you to get these things for yourself, or maybe you are just curious about what I want. I know I am always curious to see all those wish lists.

These Two

New Phone. I mainly use my phone for calling or sending messages, and  I use my iPad mini for everything else on the go. This is why I like phones like  Nokia and Blackberry qwerty. My F&F find it to be a really weird thing. But it is not gonna change, I would like a new phone like that, too.

I also need a new pair of red Dr Martens. I have been wearing Doc’s shoes for as long, as I remember. My black pair is still going strong but the red ones need a replacement.

Something To Read

I am an avid reader, so my list could be ridiculously long but I have chosen to post  only the relevant [for the website] items.  And I still don’t have any of these books yet.

Gentlewoman Magazine (from Amazon and Amazon UK). I haven’t read magazines in ages but this one seems like the one I would like.

Speaking of the gentlewomen, I would like the The New Garconne: How to Be a Modern Gentlewoman book   ( Amazon and Amazon UK) very much.

Round to Ours Setting the Mood and Cooking the Food Menus for Every Gathering (Amazon and Amazon UK), an amazing cook book, and tips on how to throw a great party.

Glossy Hair 

613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs

In the last several years, I have been on a mission to improve  the overall condition of my hair, and I can definitely see the results. My hair dresser (I have been seeing her for years now) is also very impressed.  And here  are some products that are on my wish list, hair care wise.

Mason Pearson Brush (from Net a Porter). I have heard so many raves about these brushes, and, considering that it will last me a life-time, I am ready to get it. This will probably be a present from myself to myself. At some point, I will have a great occasion in summer.

OUAI and SachaJuan Haircare

One of the reasons why I can see improvement in my hair is definitely down to the fact that I’ve started investing in my hair care products, and buying the best ones I can afford. This time I want to get the hyped up brand OUAI to see if it is really as good as people say it is. I also want to try the scalp shampoo from SachaJuan, a brand I really like. Both are available from Cult Beauty: OUAI and SachaJuan.

The other beauty products I want are: OPI Nail Envy and The Ordinary Skincare (from Victoria Health).

Random Stuff

I am a tea-holic, and I am always ridiculously happy to receive tea. Luckily my friends and family know it, and I often get something fancy for the holidays.  I only don’t like green tea…

I am a stationary snob, and it literally took me several hours to choose some of notebooks I currently use. I need a new small one to write my “to do lists” on the go, and carry with me.


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