My Favourite Lip Glosses

Oh, great! Today I wanted to tell you about the Benefit gloss that I’ve been loving a lot lately. And just when I’ve wanted to take photos of it I’ve realized that I can’t find it! Perfect. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and still nothing.

If you follow me on twitter you probably know that about a month ago I’ve lost a brand new brown Benefit BadGal mascara which I bought for summer.

Great, now 2 Benefit products are gone. I am extremely upset.  The gloss  by the way is called I’m with the band and is a pretty peachy colour which smells amazing.  Plus it  feels great on the lips.

So now, instead of telling you about my Benefit gloss, I will just show you how I keep the glosses that I use most of the time.

I like to keep glosses that I like  separately from other glosses and lip products so that I can always reach for the one that I want to use today.

So here are the glosses that I like and some of them I reviewed for you already. Besides the glosses you can also see 2 mini lip liners by Chanel and Shiseido.

Glosses that I’ve already reviewed are:

Chanel Mica glossimer

Chanel glosses from the set

Stila pink glosses

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Satin Peach

BECCA Lip Tint in Frappe

Juicy Tubes in Simmer by Lancome

Paul & Joe lipgloss in Lustre

Rimmel glosses

And what are your favourite glosses? What brand and colour?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Lip Glosses”

  1. I love Lancome Simmer too! It’s a gorgeous color. My favorite glosses are the Revlon Super Lustrous ones, I own a bunch. The texture is great, it’s not sticky at all but lasting power is still pretty good. The colors I like most (out of the ones I own) are probably Glossy Rose, Cherries in the Glow, and Pearl Plum.

  2. I love Revlon Super Lustrous (especially Nude Lustre) , Rimmel Vinyl Lip (especially in Snog) , Korres Cherry Lipgloss (I only have it in Coral), Artdeco Color Gloss (especially in Nr. 35 and 45) ! 🙂

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