My Favourite Lipstick of The Moment MAC Blankety: Review and Lip Swatches

Today I would like to tell you about my favourite lipstick of the last several months. It is MAC Blankety.  I’ve been using this lipstick a lot lately and I am very happy with it.

This is what MAC says about their lipsticks:

“Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.”

Blankety is described as Soft pink beige (Amplified Creme) and you can see the colour below:

Here are the reasons why I like this lipstick:

  1. This is a neutral colour and it will look nice with a lot of makeup looks and with a lot of clothes.
  2. I like how it feels on my lips and it gives an opaque coverage with only 1 layer.
  3. The design is simple and nice. Here is one thing that happened to me last month. I went to my favourite restaurant and they have 2 floors so I was having lunch on the second floor. And I dropped this lipstick on the 1st floor. I rushed to the first floor, picked it up and it looked like as if it never felt down (it was closed of course).
  4. This lipstick is from permanent line so you can always get one more when you want.
  5. This lipstick is cheap.

This is how it looks like on the skin:

Lip Swatch

So this is how is looks like on my lips. I really like the colour and as I said I can wear it every single day at the day time and with smokey eyes for evening. By the way, you can check out how it looks like with smokey eyes here.

Speaking of MAC lipsticks, I just bought a new one from Give me Liberty of London collection in Ever Hip. And what do you think of MAC lipsticks? What is your favourite colour? And what finish do you like the best?

Buy it from Selfridges or  Nordstrom.

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Lipstick of The Moment MAC Blankety: Review and Lip Swatches”

  1. Hi, I love this colour so so much!!
    Question; do you think this will suit asian skin tones? I really want it but the lady at MAC practically ripped it out of my hand before i could try it and told me it was completely unsuitable. I still want to try it on though! But what do you think?

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