My Favourite Makeup Trick: Make Your Eyes Look More Defined

Do you want to know what makeup trick I’ve been loving a lot these days? I love using eye pencil on the upper waterline. This trick makes a huge difference in your look!

All you need for this is a dark and soft eye pencil.Apply it on your upper water line, not on the lash line how you would usually apply the  liner but on the water line. I know that it’s not the easiest and  not the most  pleasant thing to do but the results are worth it.

You can apply it on one eye and compare it with the other – you will be impressed!

So what’s the point of doing it?

You lashes will look blacker and fuller and the eyes  will look more defined.

But, as I already said, make sure that you use a soft eye pencil that  glides easily. It’s also nice to use a waterproof one that stays on for a long time.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Makeup Trick: Make Your Eyes Look More Defined”

  1. Because I’m 62 I’ve been around long enough to see various lining techniques come and go and come again! Lining the lower water line with a dark color makes the eye appear smaller. If you’re going for an all-out, sultry, smokey eye, that’s OK, but for everyday wear, most women want their eyes to look larger; not smaller. The tight-lining technique you’ve described is one that Laura Mercier made very popular several years ago. It really does make the lashes look thicker and darker without making the eye appear smaller. It’s a tip well worth passing on to all our sisters-in-beauty

    1. Hi, Eileen. It always a pleasure to read your comments 🙂
      I agree, this is an amazing way for your eyes. Besides, others (unless they are experienced MUAs) can’t really tell what you did to make your eyes look so nice!

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