My Favourite YouTubers

Every month I am writing about my favourite bloggers but this time I want to tell you about my  favourite YouTubers. I am not the biggest fan of YouTube videos about makeup but there are several channels that I really love.  I could talk forever why I love these channels but instead I will just show you some of the videos.

1) Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic)

2) Lisa Eldridge

3) Makeup Geek (Marlena)

There are some other channels that I watch from time to time, but these three are the best for me and I am always looking forward to a new video. I would also like to mention that all 4 girls are professional Make Up Artists for many years already. They  are such an inspiration for myself!

So what do you think about the channels I’ve mentioned? And what are your favourite YouTube channels (beauty and makeup)?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite YouTubers”

  1. Kitiya,
    I adore Lisa 🙂 She is a talanted Make Up Artist and an amazing person! Every woman should watch her videos where she shares useful beauty tips.

    I watch all Pixiwoo videos, too. And I’ve seen some MissChievous videos.

    I agree with you! She is alwsys in a great mood and this is the best thing that I love about her 🙂

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