My First Giveaway. Win 9 Products!

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This is my first giveaway!!! At last! I’ve asked several times what brands would you all like to get but I got no answered but I could not wait any longer.

Althought all products are from Oriflame this geveaway IS NOT sponsored by the comapy or by any other person. I bought all the products myself. Why am I giving this brand then? It is simply because I know a very nice girl who works for them and somehow I used to get a lot of their products. I realized that I have too many Oriflame products  that I never even opened. Here are some of them and  almost everything was limited edition so now you can’t get it anymore! But you have a chance to get it  all for free just by entering my giveaway!

Here are some facts about the company for those of you  who never heard about this brand. Information about the products that I am giving away and the rules.

If you speak Russian  – read the rules in Russian

About Oriflame

Oriflame is today one of the fastest growing beauty companies selling direct. We are present in 61 countries, of which we are the market leader in more than half.

Oriflame was founded in Sweden in 1967 by Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten.

Brief facts

  • 1.3 billion Euros in annual sales
  • approximately 3.1 million Consultants
  • 7 500 employees
  • 900 products annually
  • Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation.
  • Global R&D centre with more than 100 scientists
  • 5 own production units in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India
  • Listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange since March 2004
  • Products based on natural ingredients, never tested on animals
  • Operations in 61 countries of which 13 franchisees
  • You can read more here

About the products that I am giving away

1. Lash Curler

2. Eye Brush

3. Eye cream for 35 +. I got it for my Mom but she has 2 other creams right now.

4. Olive Mascara. I reviewed one here

5. Lavender cream eyeshaows

6. Nail Polishes fro French Mani : matte and with shimmer

7. Lip Gloss with SPF 12, nice pink colour with some cold purple sparkles

8. I got this Guerlain Idylle sample when was shopping. This is just a small bonus.

9. Cream Blush and Lip Gloss Bubble

What do you have to do:

1. Enter by leaving a comment and telling me how did you find out about my blog

2. Follow me on Twitter and retweet this. This will enrcease you chances to win! Write you twitter name in the comments so I can check out!

RT @LadiesBeauty My First Giveaway. Win 9 Products! –

Don’t  forget to eneter a valid e-mail so I can reach you if you win! I will contact the winner this Sunday 18.10 2009

18 thoughts on “My First Giveaway. Win 9 Products!”

  1. Hello nice giveaway,
    Eye cream for 35 + very nice, i use it very long time ago 🙂
    Thank you Marina, i don’t have Twitter, You blog is Amazing, Thank you.

  2. Ack, my comment didn’t seem to post so here it is again.

    I found you through the comments section of Makeup and Beauty Blog (MBB). The products look great. Thank you for the giveaway.

    e-mail– sparklinggoddess @ hotmail . com (erase the spaces)

  3. I found out about your blog from the lovely Jacqueline on twitter 🙂

    Tweeted any sn is pinupxdawl

  4. The giveaway looks lovely. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I wouldn’t mind winning it and trying it out. I found out about your giveaway through twitter. I am following you. (

  5. Found you while searching on twitter for beauty product news.  I am following you and retweeted your link.  my twitter name is DSinAZ  
    Thank you!

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