My Greek Holiday Photos

I know that a lot of you always ask me to post personal posts from time to time. So here are some photos from my summer holiday. Several years ago I did a feature about beauty only. But this time I’ve decided to cover some other aspects, too. Some scenery photos, food, books, and cats, of course. Just as I like it 😉

This year I was in Greece, and it was absolutely wonderful. Of course, I have tonnes of photos, so here are just a few, to give you an idea of how it was like. Oh, and can I go back, please?

I did not want to go to a very touristy place, so we’ve chosen a small local village with the beach that had a view of Olympus. I can totally tell why the gods lived there, the whole area is magical and special in every way possible.

Greece holiday makeup4all sea and Olympus

Although for me a holiday is beach, food and a book (don’t judge), I’ve made an effort to visit some other places, too.  My favourite has to be  a small village – P.Pandeleimonas. We were there on a rainy day, but it was still absolutely breathtaking…

Greece holiday makeup4all greek gods

Greece holiday makeup4all old vilage

Greece holiday makeup4all street

How could I not include a photo of olive oil? I am a huge fan, and I use it daily, so, as you can guess, I’ve brought some back home, too.

Greece holiday makeup4all olive oil

And, what kind feature about Greece this would be without a photo of a kitty?

Greece holiday makeup4all cat

And food! I love how the locals take time to enjoy the food and the fellowship, unlike us, always busy and eating on the go. Sometimes quite literally.

Seafood is my favourite, as you may know.

Greece holiday makeup4all food prawn octopus

Greek salad in Greece? Yes, please!

Greece holiday makeup4all food greek salad

And, since it is  a website about beauty, after all, how could I not include some beauty/makeup photos?

This time I was very strict with myself, and bought only three beauty related products: almond oil, myrrh (I know that for most people it isn’t really beauty, but I love the smell of it) and a donkey milk soap.

Greece holiday beauty purchases makeup4all

An overview of the products that I took with me. Most of the beauty products are decanted, as I did not want to take a full suitcase with me And I had way more makeup than I needed. I’ve almost did not touch it at all.

Greece holiday makeup and beauty products makeup4all

Oh, and following my own recommendations from this post, here are some more details.

Scent of the holiday: Creed Spring Flower (I know, a strange choice, but it just fit).

Book: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Not exactly a book most people would read on a holiday. But I’ve started more than 5 books, and they just did not feel right. Until this one. And is is one of my all-time favourites now.

Music: Amon Amarth and Gogol Brodello.


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