My Non-Beauty Wish List

I always write about my makeup wish lists and get a lot of makeup because I love makeup and because it’s so much cheaper than other things. But today I want to share with you the things that I’d really love to get and the things that would make me happy. I hope that those “who need to” read this post will reat it…

So here we go:

  • Most of all I’d like to have a vacation, there are so many places that I’d like to visit.

my vacation last December. This was actually a year ago.

  • Black bag! Better several black bags  but one of them should be big. I wouldn’t mind Alexander Wang’s Rococco Mini Duffle ($850) or a black Mango one, don’t remember the price and name.
  • Medium cream handbag.
  • New coat and shoes for winter. I can’t find anything I’d like so far…
  • A black t-shirt with Swedish Flag.

  • Rings and earrings, lots of them! They always make me happy!

  • Tickets to the concerts of the band that I like.  I used to love concerts and gigs. Although I hardly attend any now, I wouldn’t mind going with  my friends.
  • There are quite a few books that I would like to have, mostly about subcultures. I kind of collect books about different subcultures.  I also love books about vikings, I also collect those.

Now this book looks amazing

  • New bed!
  • I probably  shouldn’t write this but… nice lingerie. You can never have too many sets, right? Oh, and it has to be black or red obviously.
  • Earphones that won’t break in 2 months! It’s hard to count how many earphones I’ve had… No matter how cheap/expensive they are I manage to do something with them anyway.
  • Some nice dresses!

photo from

As you can see most of the time I am not sure about the brand/price etc but here are just the things that I’d love to have.

I guess this is all for now but there are so many other things that I want. And what about you?


  1. oh man! So true on the travel/vacation next year I will make it a point to take a surfing trip with my sister.
    Can’t say it enough but sooo glad that 2010 is almost over!


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