My Picks from the Latest Essence Makeup Collections

I was browsing Essence website the other day and found the amount of the new products truly overwhelming so I’ve chosen the products that I personally would  like to try. To find all the details and  check out other products – just go to their official website.

So here are the products that I’ve chosen:

Show Your Feet Ankle tattoo – I have a real ankle tattoo but these look nice so why not trying them?

Gel Eye Liner – I wonder if these are nice, would love to get the navy one ( 03 Berlin Rocks)

Liquid Blush – looks like a shade that I would love, the shades is called 01 flowerkissed.

Nail Polish from the Blossoms etc collection, perfect Spring pastels. The shades are called  01 a hint of mint, 02 i like, 03 my yellow fellow, 04 bloom-a-loom and 05 forget-me-not.

Caring Lip Balm, just because they look so cute! (the names are  01loving, 03 hoping, 03 dreaming, 04 laughing)

Gel eye liners from the Sun Club collection, the turquoise one looks hot!

It is claimed to be long-lasting and waterproof , the shades are: 01 black, 02 brown and 03 blue.

Metallic eye pencils, really wonder how long these would last on the eyes as some shades look gougers.

Nail Art magnet, now this is something interesting.

“the essence nail art magnet makes it possible – nail art of a special kind! and it is therefore absolutely essential for all nail artists. you can create unbelievably unusual and creative nail designs. used on still moist nail polish, the nail art magnet helps you achieve unique striped patterns and true masterpieces on your nails!”

New shades of colour and Go nail polish, I like this small and really cheap nail polish and  already have 4 shades but I would like to get more, especially when they have 18 new shades. #43 which is a duo-chrome blue/pink which you can see on the promo looks interesting.

Stay With Me Long-lasting Lip Gloss, some shades look beautiful and I wonder if it is really long-lasting.

And what would you pick for yourself?

6 thoughts on “My Picks from the Latest Essence Makeup Collections”

  1. Oh when will the rock you edition come out? I’m so curious, but our site won’t show this collection! T_T
    Just bought some stuffs from the blossms stc collection yesterday. It’s so weird….they didn’t have everything from the collection and even the testers were missing too! However, in the last 2 or 3 collections they didn’t include testers either…..

    I wanted to buy the liquid blush but they didn’t have it! T_T

      1. *hugs* Thanks! weird, with this link I can see the collection, while from the homepage I can’t. Maybe because from the homepage I see everyhing in Hungarian, thus not everthing is “available” for me.
        e/s base, lip stain and refreshing spray? OMG I WANT! May is still so far away >.<
        Thank you for the information Marina! =]

  2. Does anyone know where these products are sold in the US? I think I’ve seen them in a store once but can’t remember where. Thanks!

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