My Take on Couture Manicure. Go Green!

Since today we are talking about nail polishes I want to show you my manicure inspired by YSL nail couture collection.

As you know green nail polish is a huge thing for this fall, so I took 2 shades of green which I have for this manicure: a dark green by Illamasqua and a light shimmery lime green by Ingot.

So this is what I had: 2 nail polishes and nail guides.

And here are the results

I had such kind of manicure for the first time and it was 2 am when I was painting my nails but the results are qutite nice.

I don’t like the original French manicure because it’s boring and not my style and all. But when it comes to colour it a totally different story! After trying green shades I now want navy blue and light blue, dark purple and lilac and many, many more. And black and red of course, that would not be me without trying the black/red manicure!

My hands look  like as if I am 50 at least but I am not even 30. I have very dry skin on my hands, feet, elbows and knees. It’s genetic and there is nothing I can do about it.

And are you a fan of French manicure? Would you like to have it in colour? By the way, take a look at BritishBeautyBlogger’s mani with the original YSl nail polishes.

14 thoughts on “My Take on Couture Manicure. Go Green!”

  1. I wish I could do frenches like that. Im horrible at freehand and have to use an art brush to clean it up. Those are gorgeous. Usually I do a color french tip and then the sheer base.

    1. With guides (they are even on the photo if you can see them, between the nail polishes). Yours looks nice, I will have to try it. I also want to try the half-moon manicure in red. Do you know what I mean? The one Dita von Teese loves.

  2. I love this look! I hate traditional french manicures with a passion – even though I did perfect them in the 90s – can’t believe that some people still wear them on their toes, yuck! This look though I could really go for, love the contrasting greens. Quite like the black and gold from the picture as well…I feel some experiments coming on! Thanks for the inspiration!x

    1. Here! Here! Let’s consign the traditional French manicure to shopping mall hell. When women started sporting French pedicures with fake toenails, that was the death knell for that particular look.

      Your nails look lovely, Marina. As for the black and red combo, I’ve seen the black nail with the red tip on a friend and it looked very tailored. I imagine the reverse would also look sharp.

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