My Top 3 Blue Nail Polishes

Recently I was re-organizing my beauty products and realized that I have quite a few blue nail polishes. In fact, considering that I have around 100 in general, 14  is not a small number.

Actually I am not a collector [when it comes to lacquers] and try to make sure that I don’t have a dupe before buying a new bottle and the photo below actually proves my point. Can you see that they all are very different?

Blue nail polish orly, Collistar, Rimmel, Alessandro, Essence, Barry M, MeMeMe

So I have decided to show you my top 3:

Rimmel Lycra PRO Nail Polish in Blue Vogue

This is a gorgeous deep shimmering navy blue, such a chic and sophisticated shade, in my opinion.  I really love the formula which is very long-lasting. See it on the nails.

Collistar Gloss Nail Lacquer Gel Effect in 571 Blu Grintosa

I was looking for a creamy cobalt blue shade for some time and knew that I had to get it when I saw it!  Love the glossy finish of this polish when it’s applied.

 Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Sky High

I think Rimmel make amazing nail polishes and they are definitely among my favourite. Sky Blue is a vibrant bright and clear blue, if that make sense.  Mani with it.

Blue nail polish Rimmel and Collistar

As you can see, unlike makeup, I usually buy cheap(er) or pro nail polishes. And, in my opinion, these days high street brands have some very good formulations and shades.

Is there a blue shades I have to have? 😉

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