My Top 3 Current Favourite YouTubers

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the love, so today’s post is all about my favourite  current bloggers/ YouTubers. I don’t really watch videos but I never miss one from these three ladies, unless it is really a topic that is irrelevant for me.

Here are the girls. And I did not intend to choose the photos where they all are wearing sun glasses but I think these are pretty cool. All the photos are from their Instagram accounts which are linked below.


Farrah, Poppy and Sandra

Farrah Tells (link)

Farrah is a friend of mine so, of course, I am excited that she is finally filming. She uploads short and sweet videos packed with useful information. Also she is not afraid to talk about controversial topics like face shaving. I personally can’t wait for her to share her style tips, and, honestly, just about everything. Kill it, girl!

Poppy D (link)

As I’ve already said, I am not a big videos watcher but I love Poppy’s vlogs. Although I do not know Poppy personally, I enjoy watching her  life style videos: from what she eats and reads to what she wears and where she goes on a holiday with her friends and family. Somehow she is always very positive and inspiring, and at this point it seems like I am watching a video from a friend. I hope that does not sound creepy, ahem.

Ttsandra (link)

Sandra has a great taste in beauty and makeup, and, I also would wear most of the clothes she picks. It also helps that we are around the same age so I personally can relate to her in a lot of  ways. I also like her travel videos, especially I love the one about Transylvania (where she is originally from; I did not know this when I’ve started watching her videos) which is my secret love.


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