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My Top 3 Red Nail Polishes

It seems like I did not write about red in quite some time… This is why today I want to share about my  top 3 red nail polishes. I love red nail polish so much that it is even my Twitter’s header photo.

So what nail polishes are we talking about?

Marc Jacobs Nail Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Lola (swatch)

This is probably my all time favourite red! It is a hot tomato red which is opaque with only one layer, it is glossy and shiny and last pretty well on my nails. Whenever I am in doubt about my manicure shade – I go for this one. And how gorgeous is that bottle?

Revlon Nail Polish in Revlon Red (swatch)

It is a classic red for me, bright but not neon, it makes me think of Betty Draper or any put together lady from the red lips & nails period.  Did I mention that I am obsessed with almond shaped nails now? If mine were long enough – I’d definitely ask my manicurist for that shape.

Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in Cerise

This was a random purchase, I  saw in the shop, liked the shade and grabbed in on the go. And I am so happy I did! It is a vibrant orangey red which is perfection for summer days! It goes almost with everything and instantly brightens your look and your mood. It has been on my nails almost all the time for the last two months. Now I just need to post the swatches.

And which is the ultimate red nail polish in your opinion?

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