My Top 3 Sheer Red Lipsticks for Beginners

Recently several girlfriends asked me about  wearable/”beginners” red. So I thought I’d write about it here, as some of you may be interested in this topic, too.

Althought I personally love matte  full-on red, I perfectly understand that not everyone is ready for it. This is why sheer formulas may be a good option to begin with.

I have chosen three that I love. And these all are high-end. Why? Well, if you buy a “cheap” red, you will always find an excuse not to wear it. But if you invest in a luxury lipstick – you’d have to. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love beautiful things?

Red Lipsticks Clarins YSL and Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup4allClarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector 05 Red (review and swatches)

This is the most “wearable” variant out of three. It is a red tinted lip balm which not only gives a gorgeous glossy tint but also moisturizes the lips. I am still to meet a person who doesn’t love these.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy 06 Luscious Cherry (review and swatches)

A sheer cherry red with golden shimmer, this lipstick has the strongest fruity scent (and taste), and gives you the prettiest flush of colour. And you just can’t go wrong with YSL, I’ve got this lipstick for my Mum, and she was telling me the other day  how pleased she is with it.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipsticks Succulence of Dew  in Relish Of Heaven (review and lip swatches)

The most pigmented out of all but you can blot it down to make it more subtle, if that is what you want. Described as a “wet effect, medium transparency, juicy scarlet” it feels like a balm, looks like a pigmented gloss and leaves a stain behind.

I really hope this will inspire you to try red! And feel free to share your favourites… By the way, here is a round-up of the posts about the red lipsticks that I wrote in the past.

And also a video from Mary Greenwell about the power of red (lip). Enjoy!


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