My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Products From Daniel Sandler Cosmetics

Another month, another “Top 5” from one of my favourite brands. And this time it’s all about Daniel Sandler Cosmetics.

For those who are new to the line, I’d describe it a brand with high-performing and great quality products that cost less than your “luxury brand products” but deliver the same results. Plus there are quite a few unique and innovative offerings.

So here is what I’ve chosen.  Please note that the photos are taken in direct sunlight.

My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Products From Daniel Sandler Cosmetics

1.Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer

I have mentioned this product so many times already that, I think,  you all know by now how much I like it. It is definitely one of the best “base” products I have tried. It works amazing for my dry skin – evens out the skin tone and gives  a beautiful glowing/dewy finish. To read a detailed review click here.

2. Watercolour Blushers

These are unique liquid blushers that are absolutely fantastic. I have written about them so many times, that I’ll just include the links, so that you can read everything you need to know and see the swatches here, here and here. I also have tips from Daniel himself on how you can use his most famous creation!

3. Watercolour Creme Rouge Blusher in Hot Pink

If you want a more “traditional” cream blusher – Daniel got it covered as well. And the formula is amazing, not greasy and super pigmented. I love the Hot Pink shade but there are also more subtle variants available.  As well, as cream bronzers in Fiji and Riviera, so take a look if you love cream products.

4. Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown Velvet 

Soft and creamy texture doesn’t drag the delicate skin and the fact that the pencil is quite thin allows you to create precise lines. Also works great for tight lining. Swatches of different shades.

5. Polychromatic Eyeshadow in Lava

This is an absolutely gorgeous and complex shade, it looks fantastic when applied. The formula is lovely – creamy, smooth and easy to blend. I like this shade so much that I did a comparison with a lot of other shades from my collection.

My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Products From Daniel Sandler Cosmetics swatchesHot Pink, Brown Velvet and Lava

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  1. I finally gave in and ordered the Watercolour Blusher with the brush. I do hope it’s as good as all the reviews I read.

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