My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Products From Rouge Bunny Rouge

Last month I’ve shared my top 5 picks from Illamasqua and this month I want to share the products from Rouge Bunny Rouge that I personally love the most. As you can imagine, it was very hard but here is what I’ve chosen. Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water This one was easy, it is probably my favourite base ever! And there are so many reasons for that: the texture is very light and it looks like a second skin. It gives a light coverage and doesn’t enhance any dry parches on my face even during the winter. You can read more details about it here. Original Skin Blush For Love of Roses in Florita Yes, I have included a powder blush and not cream or liquid, it’s probably a shocker for regular readers. This is probably my favourite powder blusher out of all that I have and I reach for it a lot. The colour is perfection, the texture and finish are beautiful, the blush blends nicely into the skin and stays on pretty well. See my full review. Kiss Elixir If I had to pick my most-used lip product from the brand, it’d be Kiss Elixir. I do have different gloss and lipstick formulas, too. But my heart belongs to this balm, as I find that it does wonders for my dry lips.  I’ve written a detailed review about it. Long Lasting Eye Shadows in Bejewelled Skylark I really love RBR’s eye shadows and have quite a few, but I have to say that Bejewelled Skylark, chocolate with cooper undertones, has to be my favourite one. The colour is gorgeous and the texture is very smooth and soft and blends easily. I think I’ll have to get more (cool toned) shades in the future. Double Duty Beauty Mirror I did a feature about my favourite mirrors here and Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of them. It is gorgeous and it’s a pleasure to use. By the way, I always get compliments and questions (where is it from) whenever people see me taking it out of my makeup bag. Maybe I should get a black one, too?

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  1. The Bejeweled Skylark eyeshadow is to die for! I also covet the blush. If only RBR was available in the States… 🙁

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