My Top Three Eye Shadows: Benefit, Rouge Bunny Rouge and MAC

My favourite eye shadow colour is chocolate brown, especially  with cooper  undertone. So here are my top three. Cream eye shadow from Benefit in Busy Signal which is an amazing long-lasting product, perfect for a smoky eyes.

There is also Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark, which has to be my most used eye shadow. I love the buttery smooth  texture and pigmented colour.

I have also found a sample of MAC’s  Cooperbeam pigment which I adore. I have got it as a bonus from a blog sale and completely forgot about it. But it is so beautiful that I must have a full size. I can’t see it on the MAC website and my local MAC doesn’t have it so I wonder if I can get it or not any more. I was actually told that it was a part of Overrich collection, that’s all I know. Do you know anything about it?!

Here are the swatches.

And in real life these shadows look so much better, the shades are complex and dimensional actually. Would totally recommend all three!

And if you know/have any similar shades I’d appreciate your suggestions!


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