My Top Three Picks: Best Hand Cream, Volume Shampoo and Hydrating Serum

I’ve decided to make a feature on top three products, in my opinion, in different categories. Holy Grail, if you wish.

Although I love trying new products, I am sure that I will be re-purchasing these ones in the future. In fact, I have already bought a second bottle of the serum.

Best Volumizing Shampoo – Sahajuan Volume Shampoo

This is definitely the best  volumizing shampoo, among those that I have tried. This was an impulse purchase, although I usually research before I buying beauty products. And I am so happy that I’ve got it.

It gives nice volume without feeling heavy or weighting the hair down, plus I find that my hair looks shiny with it.  As I’ve already said – I will be getting more products from the brand in the future.

Best Hydrating Serum Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum

This product is a skin saviour in cold months or when the skin is feeling dehydrated, it is an instant relief.  I think that once you’ve tried it – you don’t want to be without it.  At least I don’t, so I already have a  new bottle. You can read more about it and the cream from the line here.

 Best Hand Cream  – Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand Cream

I am a huge hand cream fanatic and I have one in almost every room and bag,  maybe not literally, but you get it.  Having very dry skin not every hand cream works for me. And this one does wonders! It nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, without being greasy or heavy. It also smells amazing. This is not the cheapest hand cream but I am so getting a new tube in the future.

 And do you have products that you really love and will always be re-purchasing, despite the tempting new variants?


4 thoughts on “My Top Three Picks: Best Hand Cream, Volume Shampoo and Hydrating Serum”

    1. It is absolutely fantastic, I have tried several Clarins serums and this one is my favourite. And definitely the best hydrating serum (I have tried).

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