My Wish-List for Christmas and New Year

I am trying to make a wish-list since some friends and family asked me to share the things I’d like to get.

To tell the truth, it was very hard for some reason.  But here is the list anyway…

  • New phone. I think it’s time for some changes.
  • New camera. I’ve been wanting to get one for like forever.
  • Kindle. I read from iPad mostly so Kindle would be nice.
  • Boots, and coat for winter.
  • Several new pair of jeans and some beautiful dresses.
  • Some nice warm jumpers and sweaters.
  • Mulberry bag.
  • As for beauty related things, I’d like to get a new belt for brushes, Japonesque 36-well paintbox palette, and Z palette.
  • Jewellery is  always welcomed!
  • Anything hand-made from the giver.
  • Oh, and lots of peanut butter!

Most of all, I’d like to go to X or Y for my Birthday in March and get a kitty. As for the first thing, I hope it will work out. But as for the kitty, I have allergy, so that’s a no… :sad face:

That’s pretty much it, really.   This is such a dull and practical list but I can’t think of anything I want/need at the moment.

And what about you? Maybe you will inspire me to start wanting some exciting things…

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