MyFace Cosmetics Italian Ice and Silkscreen Eye Art

MyFace Cosmetics released eight duo eye shadows called Eye Art which are divided into two groups:  pastel, sherbet, candy-coloured Italian Ice and bright and bold Silkscreen.

Italian Ice Eye Art shades are:

  • Amalfi, Mediterranean blue and soft, warm brown tones come together to inspire thoughts of the Amalfi coast.
  • Roma,   When the sun sets gently to rest over St. Peter’s Square, soft sherberty orange and pink tones fill the sky. These are the shades in Roma.
  • Portofino,  Pastel yellow and blue hues mingle together, as the ocean and seaside cottages do in Portofino Bay.
  • Firenze , Sheer raspberry and cool mint green inspire thoughts of sweet gelato on a warm Florence day.
These can be used individually or can be layered together for a new shade.

As for SilkScreen shades, they are:

  • Siren, Channel your inner screen siren with dramatically seductive orange and raspberry shades.
  • Fame,  A bold, bright, “Bowie” inspired duo of electric lemon and brilliant evergreen.
  • Eye-Conic, Create an iconic image with this ultra-violet duo of fierce purple and deep periwinkle.
  • Pop Culture, Give your eyes a little ‘pop’ culture with this killer combo of acid green and sky blue.

Each palette is £13.99/$22. I have never tried anything from MyFace Cosmetics but these look promising and I’d definitely like to try these, especially the bright shades.


2 thoughts on “MyFace Cosmetics Italian Ice and Silkscreen Eye Art”

  1. Hmm, I thought they’d gone bust as Boots discontinued the line, everything was half price for a while and now the display stand is gone. I have a few of their eyeshadows and they’re okay, but not sure I would bother if you have to order online.

    1. Hi Anitacska,
      I have heard nice things about their foundations and some other products but never really read anything about the shadows. These look interesting, I wonder if those bright shades are pigmented and smooth…

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