Nail Polishes for Christmas 2012: Illamasqua, Mavala and Essie Repstyle

Here are some new nail polish collections. Two gorgeous blue shades from Illamasqua, Mavala angel nail polishes and Essie’s Reptyle collection.

I personally would love to see Illamasqua’s Noble and Mavala’s Sparkling Red  on my nails the best.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish, £13.50

  • Noble, turquoise blue, gloss finish
  • Cameo, cornflower blue, gloss finish

Mavala Nail Colour Angel Colour:  Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Violet, Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Red. Each is £4.30.

Essie Repstyle nail polish collection:

  • Repstyle, a hypnotic desert bronze
  • Lil Boa Peep, copperhead titanium
  • Sssssexy, a striking, scintillating sanguine
  • Crocadilly, a croc hunter green
  • Snake Rattle And Roll, a venomous oxidized silver
  • Snake It Up, a pewter pavé python

And which one do you like the best?



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