Nail Trend: Graffiti Nails

Do you know about the hottest trend for this fall? It’s graffiti nails! SeveralĀ  brands have special nail polishes for graffiti nails. On the picture you can see IsaDora polishes.

I would never go for pink and black as shown on the photo but I would love to try some other shades. See more shades

So what do you think? Would you try it or do you think this trend would work only for teenagers?

13 thoughts on “Nail Trend: Graffiti Nails”

  1. Are these polishes that sort of “crack” into different colours on the nail?

    I’d try it but I don’t know that I’d wear it out of the house!

  2. I want to try it, defo. I take it they’re like the crackle polishes? Where can you get these from in the UK? I’d totally wear it out the house. That, of course, is on the basis that it looks more funky than flukey… Don’t know till you try! I really like the look of gold and green.

    1. They look quite interesting on the photos that I’ve seen. There are actually several brands that make such nail polishes. Maybe see if Superdrug or Boots has any.

  3. where can i buy these in the united states? or is there a website i can go to buy the graffiti nail poilish. they look amazing!

    1. I am not sure where you can get IsaDora in the US, but there are a lot of different brands that make similar nail polishes now . So maybe you can ask at your local beauty shop.

      1. I’ve got the crackle in OPI and China Glaze but only found purple & black so far. I’d love to try the white or another color…love the metallics, too. Anyone know where this Graffiti can be found in the US?

          1. Couldn’t find the Isadora anywhere but I found one called LaRosa Crackle that comes in many colors finally on E-Bay! I have a pretty blue color on its way and the price was better, too. Will see if it’s any good! Thanks for responding!

          2. If you like blue, OPI will have several blue crackles soon. And you can check out Essence, I saw some crackle nail polishes on their website just yesterday but I am not sure if they are already available in the US ( I believe Essence is sold in Ulta). Hope this helps, Juliana.

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