Nails Inc Royal Collection. For The Royal Wedding Fans

There are 2 groups of people: those who are crazy about the Royal Wedding in April and those who hate all the buzz around it. Those are the radical groups but there are also those who are in between those two, and I consider myself a part of it.

There are also a lot of different companies who create all kind of products “inspired” by this event. And beauty companies are not an exception.  We already saw the No More Waity, Katie  by butter LONDON and here are more nail polishes inspired by the Royal Wedding.

This time they are by Nails Inc.



‘Kate’ Sapphire crystal nail polish. £15

Inspired by Kate’s stunning engagement ring, this beautiful sapphire crystal cap is a must have for your dressing table!

‘Will’ Union Jack crystal nail polish, £15

The bestselling crystal cap just got better! Glitzy and wonderfully British, this is the perfect gift.

There is also a collection with 4 nail polishes:

Royal collection, £25

4 limited edition glossy nail polishes to nail the regal look.

So do you love these nail polishes? Are you a fan of the Royal Wedding and everything about it?

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