Nails Of The Day: 17 High Gloss Nail Polish in Risky Red

When I was looking at the nail polishes that I haven’t tried yet, this 17  High Gloss Nail Polish in Risky Red caught my attention so I’ve decided to put it on.

Actually I did not expect anything phenomenal but I was shocked at how amazing it turned out! On the photo below I am wearing only one coat! It is painted over the Seche Clear base coat but no top coat on. Not only it looks opaque but also glossy and shiny. I am very impressed.

I’ve actually got this nail polish as a gift with purchase for buying some 17  products and, judging from the website, right now this polish is called Supreme Shine Nail Colour in Risky Red. For some reason I don’t see the High Gloss Risky Red polish. So I am guessing they’ve changed the name. Please correct me, if I am wrong. The price is £3.99.

I don’t know how long lasting this nail polish is as I’ve only applied it today but I will let you know on Twitter.

I have two more 17 nail polishes so I am excited to try them!

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