Nails Of The Day: A England Bridal Veil

I have got two A England nail polishes ages ago and have already written about Perceval here so I am not sure what took me so long to write about Bridal Veil.

It is probably the most beautiful nail polish that I own. It is a holographic black which is so gorgeous that it’s insane.

I would really recommend wearing it in the sunny weather as you can see all the multi-shimmer and the holographic rainbow.  Seriously,  I turn into my three-year-old-cousin and start showing my nails to almost everyone, not to mention that I can’t stop staring myself.

As for the formula,  it is very nice and smooth and  is opaque with only one shade. Although on most people it stays for days, on me, unfortunately, it doesn’t stay for as long as I’d love it to. So I will have to figure out why.

But anyway, I love A England nail polishes very much and plan on getting more. They are £9 at the brand’s website. Plus the shipping is free (yes, Worldwide).

PS. I loved these nail polishes so much that I had to interview the founder, Adina Bodana, I hope to share it with you later.

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