Nails Of The Day: A England Perceval

If you follow me on Twitter or like on Facebook you probably already know that I have finally made my first A England order.  By the way, I’ve started posting photos and info that on Facebook/Twitter that I don’t post here but still want to share…

There are two collections so far and I’ve decided to get one nail polish from each collection. So I have got Perceval from The Mythicals and  Bridal Veil from The Legends.

And today I want to show you Perceval which is a gorgeous rich metallic red!

Please excuse the horrible flash

 Not only the colour is gorgeous but the quality is also great! It applies smoothly and is opaque with only one coat. This is a total love! I also like the story behind the brand and that Adina (brand’s owner) does what she is really passionate about.

I would totally be wearing this fabulous red a a lot! This  is a great addition to my collection.

I have one layer on the index finger nail and two layers  on all the rest. Can you see the difference?

The photo above makes me release how much a need to get a new base coat… But at least it gives you the idea about the shade which is more beautiful in real life. Especially in the sunshine!

The price is £9 and they ship Worldwide FOR FREE!


7 thoughts on “Nails Of The Day: A England Perceval”

  1. I am SO going to grab at least 3 (Saint George, Lady of the Lake, Dragon) when the new collection hits their website! Perceval looks very nice on you. I can’t get over how opaque one coat already is, but with two coats it looks even edgier!

  2. Hi Marina 🙂 That red looks gorgeous! I would like to order Bridal Veil & St. George as well, but don’t see them on the website :/ Could you please tell me what is the correct e-mail to place an order for them? Of course, that is if you can 😉 Thank you, x
    PS I did find out that Becca Cosmetics ‘Balearic Love’ collection will not be released here in the US, but thank God the lovely people at Zuneta informed me that the collection will be released next week on their site. Think I’m gonna add a couple of items of RBR to that list as well! Lol…I really love the lip colors I purchased and the eyeshadow is great too.

      1. Happy you did, Naomi. That’s SO cool that the shipping is free!!!
        I am wearing Bridal Veil now and it’s simply stunning. Adina told me that it’s her favourite shade actually 🙂

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