Nails of The Day: Ciate Gelology in Mistress

One of my favourite things, beauty wise, is red nails. And staying at home doesn’t mean that I will stop wearing my beautiful red nail varnishes.  In fact, I enjoy it even more now.

So today I want to share one of my favourites. A gorgeous red. I present you Nails Of The Day, the old school kind of post.

The nail varnish I am talking about is Ciate Gelology in Mistress.

It is an absolutely beautiful classic red, it instantly lifts my mood, and I just love looking at it. Being a gel formula it lasts better than a regular nail polish. And I do love Ciate in general, they have a lot of great shades.  The formula (of the shades I’ve used) is not streaky and goes on smoothly. On the photo below I am wearing two coats of the polish and a top coat.

I actually get messages from readers from time to time saying how they are wearing red nail polish and think of me. The same goes for rose scents, and it makes me very happy.

Yes, red nails, rose scents and eye liner (with lots of mascara) are my beauty favourites. Especially, when so many things are uncertain, it’s great to rely on something you’ve been practicing for years.

You can get yours from Debenhams  and Ciate  for £12

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