Nails Of The Day: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Black Pool

I have realized that it’s been a while since I had a black manicure. It’s one of my favourites plus I am always in the mood for black – so I did get one last week.

I was curious about CND Vinylux Weekly Polish, so it was time to try it, finally. And here are the results!

CND Black Pool nail polish swatches on nails review  Since I’ve tried it in the salon, I can’t really comment on the application, since the girl that I see there  is awesome, and she makes everything look like magic. But it did look smooth and opaque with two applications.

As for the finish, I can’t say that it is glossier or shinier than the regular nail polish (it is a regular nail, polish after all). But what about the staying power? Does it really last for a week?

Oh, yes, it does last. Maybe not  for a week, but it lasted for good five days on me. But please note that nail polish chips easily on me, so it could last for a week on you.

In general, I think this is an awesome nail polish, and I already know what colour I will try next time.

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