Nails of the Day: Essence Nail Polish in Vip Appeal

I am wearing a pink nail polish for the 3rd time in my life! I can imagine how much you all are surprised. But everything is very simple. I just don’t like pink. That’s it! For the first time I wore pink nail polish for the wedding of my best friend who said that I should wear a pink dress. At first I thought this is some kind of a cruel joke (as she knows that I would never wear a pink dress) but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The second time  I wore pink was when I’ve got this nail polish several months ago in summer.  I’ve wanted to try it   but I forgot to take the photos of back then. So now I am wearing this nail polish for the second time!  It feels very strange to see my pink nails but it’s ok I guess, not that bad after all.

As for this nail polish, I am very happy with the quality! I can’t say that I loved the other 2 Essence nail polishes that I have which are Undead? (black with purple glitter) and Fabuless (black with silver shimmer) but I really like the quality and the finish of this one.

It looks nice even with one coat but looks even better with 2 coats, the colour is opaque and the finish is glossy and beautiful.  I am wearing it for the 3rd day and it still looks nice.

I don’t think  I will get any other shades of Essence nail polish with glitter but I am sure that I will get more shades of glossy nail polishes, they are amazing especially for the price.

As for this pink shade, I don’t like pink clothes but I do love pink lip products, so I guess I will be wearing this nail polish with some hot bright pink lipstick in summer! After all this pink is beautiful – bright and juicy.

And have you tried Essence nail polishes? What do you think about those with shimmer and glitter? Do you like them? Maybe there are some shades that are worth checking out?

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