Nails Of The Day: Essence Time For Romance

I actually can’t believe that I am wearing a glitter nail polish again. After so much trouble removing Blue Addicted I’ve decided to try on the Time For Romance. I have got them ages ago but somehow never tried until now.

Time for Romance is another gorgeous glittery nail polish which looks beautiful on the nails, real eye candy. I personally love wearing three-four coats of it to get the effect I want. It stays on for several days.

There were more glittery Essence nail polish, so now I kind of wish I had those, too.

I have to admit that  I love how my nails go with my new jeans…

So what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Nails Of The Day: Essence Time For Romance”

  1. I’ve seen tutorials of using elmer’s glue as a base coat to create an easy-to-peel glitter nofd, if you want to try it. i haven’t yet but would be interested to see how your experience goes.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Yes, I did get a comment about this on my previous post but somehow completely forgot about it… Will have to keep that in mind next time I go for a glitter nail polish. Thanks for reminding me!

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