Nails Of The Day: GOSH 549 Holographic Nail Polish

I’ve been meaning to get this GOSH nail polish for quite a long time but  it was sold out all the time. Finally it is mine, I’ve got the last bottle by the way.

I never had a holographic nail polish before so I was mesmerized by this one and instead of working I was staring at my nails most of the time.

Isn’t it beautiful?

But my problem was that by the mid of the day my nail polish did not look as nice as it was supposed to look. Later I read on the bottle that due to a special formula  one should wear a 565 Fix Base Coat. Yes, I was so excited to try this nail polish that haven’t noticed that before.

I am a bit surprised that one should use a special base coat not a top coat, but I am not a nail polish expert.  Next time I will definitely try the proper application. I had to remove my nail polish on the other day because it looked to bad.

I am not sure if all holographic nail polishes are like this or only this one though. I don’t like the staying power but I really like the effect.

I’ve been showing it to all my girlfriends and telling how much I love my Space inspired nails. Not sure why, but this nail polish makes me think about Space.

Here is a photo with a flash just for fun

I have got my nail polish for about €6, don’t remember the exact price.

And here is an update. I did consult with a lovely Helen who knows pretty much everything about the nail polish (you can read it here) and she kindly let me quote her.

On GOSH Holographic

GOSH say to use their basecoat but I never noticed a difference. Also “Holo” is a very thin formula so doesn’t last as a normal polish.

On the application

Topcoat can dull the finish so best avoided. The best basecoat for holo (IMHO) is Orly Bonder. The best way to use a holographic nail polish is to apply very thin coats of the it & layer it up.

Best Holographic nail polishes

The OPI Designer Series are the best holo formula. Most others just don’t last longer than a day or two.


Note to self: Consult with people who know the subject and do some research before making a purchase. I am usually happy with my purchases  because I carefully choose what to get but this time I clearly was  overexcited and just grabbed the shiny pretty thing without thinking too much.

5 thoughts on “Nails Of The Day: GOSH 549 Holographic Nail Polish”

  1. It’s gorgeous!! A rainbow on your nails!!
    My only holo nail polish is IDK from China Glaze (purple holo). With regular top coat it remains shiny and holo, no problem there. The difficult part is the application. It drags the previous layer, either base coat or polish. So I need to very lightly touch the brush on the nail or it’ll drag what’s underneath. But the result is sooo pretty I don’t mind spending more time painting.

  2. I have no idea why I never bought this, I have other Gosh nail polishes just not this one. But of course it’s discontinued now and it sells for a small fortune on eBay. Hohum.

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